Agency Monthly Report

  • Complete appropriate Statistical Sections. Reports must be submitted to the foodbank no later than the 5th of the month following the month to which the report pertains.
  • This email address ensures that you will receive a copy of this email for your records, and that we can reach you if we have any additional questions.
  • Food Pantry: A part of a foodbank network that distributes food and grocery products to low-income households, including food from sources other than USDA, to relieve situations of emergency and distress. It is housed in a standing facility that distributes commodities, among other food and grocery products, on a regular basis.
  • Food Pantry Statistical Section

  • A: Number of households
  • B: Number of Seniors Served (age 60 & older)
  • C: Number of Adults Served (age 18 - 59)
  • D: Number of Children Served (birth - 17)
  • E: TOTAL Number of People (B+C+D)
  • TOTAL Number Receiving Food Stamps
  • Meal Site/Shelter

    Meal Site: Provides meals to people in need.
    Shelter: Provides nights of shelter to homeless people, run away children or victims of abuse.
  • MEAL SITE and/or SHELTER Statistical Section:
  • CONGREGATE and/or RESIDENTIAL MEALS Statistical Sections*

    Congregate or Residential Meals:

    Meals are included as part of the services provided, including Residential Treatment Facilities, Group Home, Youth Program, Summer Camp, etc.

    * federal and state funded food may NOT be used by these agencies

  • Kids Cafe® Statistical Section

  • Thanks for all you do!
  • Mail To: The Foodbank, 56 Armor Place, Dayton, OH 45417
    Fax To: 937.461.3828 Questions: Lizz Mahar at 937.461.0265 x 33