Until I Get Back on My Feet

40 year old womanAmy was waiting outside her local food pantry 15 minutes before it opened. “I found out about the pantry from someone at the job center,” she mentioned. “I applied for food stamps and was turned down. I really didn’t have anywhere else to turn.”

Amy’s husband lost his job last May and she lost hers in October. While she has been able to find part-time work, her pay barely covers the family’s bills. Many months after paying the mortgage, electricity, and water bill there is nothing left to buy other necessities, like food.

Many families, like Amy’s, rely on food pantries when times get tough.

Amy is currently looking for a job as nursing assistant. She looks forward to the day when her family is able to get back on their feet and even give back as a volunteer at the food pantry. Until then, Amy knows she can rely on her local food pantry and The Foodbank to get the foods her family needs.