Snack Back Our Streets

The UnitStarted by Dayton based community-focused fitness group called The Unit, Dayton police will have the chance to build positive relationships with youth within the communities they protect and serve with Snack Back Our Streets. The Unit is collecting donations of food to create bags of snacks for officers to distribute to youth in the neighborhoods in which they work.

Snack Back Our Streets is a program created through the identification of the need to strengthen the relationship between local Dayton police officers and the youth (13 & under) within the communities that they protect and serve. The community is encouraged to collect and donate healthy nonperishable snacks which will then be made into bags. Officers are then encouraged to distribute the bags to youth encountered in the community in hopes to engage a positive interaction that can later transition into a long-term relationship.

Allison Scott, team leader of Snack Back our Streets says, “Snack Back Our Streets challenges Dayton community members and officers to take ownership and accountability of restoring trust, safety, and security in our neighborhoods. With this said, our program strongly encourages community participation through the collection and donation of non-perishable food items. Snack Back Our Streets understands the importance of allowing the members of our community to be the catalyst for change.”

Michelle L. Riley, CEO of The Foodbank says, “With 41,230 hungry children under the age of 18 in the Miami Valley, Snack Back Our Streets is a great way to reach out to those in need. Many youth go home every night to an empty fridge. With the bag of healthy snacks provided by the police, not only will it help fill the bellies of those who are in need, but it also creates a great opportunity for a change in how neighborhoods and police interact with each other. We support our police officers and look forward to helping facilitate this relationship.”

Snack Back Our Streets will begin in Dayton Police’s 3rd and 5th Districts. To find a donation collection point, email or call (937)532-0169. Donations can include, but are not limited to, fruit snacks, granola bars, beef jerky, juice boxes etc.

My Kids Come First

I found Tim slowly eating a pastry as he waited for his turn to shop at his local pantry. “I found out about the pantry from going to a church service here,” Tim mentioned. “I live in a poor neighborhood and most people know about this pantry. The people who run it are good people and they care about us.”

Tim lost his job two months ago and is struggling to make ends meet. Bills have been piling up as he’s looked for another job to support himself and his two young children. “I haven’t eaten in two days. Any food I’ve gotten, I give to them. I hate to see them hungry.”

The pantry Tim attends has been a lifesaver. While he has applied for food stamps, he’s still waiting to hear back on whether he will receive any. “I’m so thankful for this pantry. They provide so much to this community and I don’t even want to think about where I would be if it weren’t for their help.”

You can help single parents like Tim by donating to The Foodbank and making sure food stays on dinner tables of families who are struggling in the Miami with child and ice cream cone