Mission Statement


The Foodbank is a private not-for-profit organization. We are volunteer lead and driven. Governed by a Board of Directors The Foodbank is proud of its good work in the community.

To learn more about The Foodbank, feel free to: View our 990, Better Business Bureau Charitable Review or our Annual Report.

Our Mission: The Foodbank relieves hunger in the community through a network of partner agencies by acquiring and distributing food.

Our Vision: No one should go hungry.

Diversity/Value Statement: The Foodbank values all people without judgement.

Our Core Values:

We will honor the public’s trust by maintaining the highest standards of ethics and stewardship.

We will ensure all stakeholders equitable access to The Foodbank and its resources.

We will be the voice in the community about hunger and speak out for those who do not have a voice. We will maintain and communicate information to others about hunger.

We will ensure that quality and nutritious food and related supplies are available throughout our service area.

We will actively seek to form and broaden collaborations committed to furthering our mission to relieve hunger.

We will serve others in a courteous, sensitive and compassionate manner.

The Foodbank’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

The Foodbank is an equal employment opportunity employer. The Foodbank offers equal opportunity and equal consideration to all persons who seek employment with the company, and to those who are already employed by The Foodbank. No employee or applicant will be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, ancestry, religion, creed, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, and/or any other status protected by federal, state or local law.

It is our express policy to recruit, hire, train and promote the most qualified persons. It is our firm belief that our Equal Opportunity Policy will be furthered in an environment of mutual trust where employees are encouraged to discuss their problems with members of management. As a company, we have pledged to pursue this policy and, as an employee, you will be expected to comply with this policy in every respect. An employee’s failure to do so will result in discipline, up to and including termination.