30 Ways in 30 Days

To Fight Hunger During Hunger Action Month

Whether you are a newcomer to the issue of domestic hunger or you are already involved, you’ll find some great suggestions here for providing hunger relief.

Whether you act on just one, or attempt all 30, you will make a difference!

Visit www.hungeractionmonth.org to take the “My Way” Pledge.
Serve a meal at a local shelter or community kitchen.
Host a group to watch the movie A Place at the Table at your home, and have a discussion afterwards.
Invite friends to “virtual lunch.” Estimate the cost and donate that amount to your favorite hunger relief organization.
Forward this calendar to a friend!
Check out our Hungry to Help toolkit to find easy ways you can get involved to help solve hunger!
Inquire about volunteering at The Foodbank, serving Montgomery, Greene and Preble Counties or another local hunger relief organization.
Hold a food drive in your school, work or faith community.
Attempt to provide 3 healthy meals using only $4.00, the average daily Food Stamp amount allotted per person.
Participate in the food stamp challenge for a week.
Take your children to the library and check out Fly Away Home, Uncle Willy’s Soup Kitchen or another children’s book featuring the theme of hunger.
Energize your book group around a book that focuses on the issues of hunger and poverty.
Learn about the Earned Income Tax Credit and other benefits that help low-income working families.
Invite friends to a potluck where everyone brings their favorite family recipe and shares stories about the meaning of food in their lives.
Help distribute food at a food pantry in your neighborhood.
Make a monthly online donation to The Foodbank.
Advocate and communicate with your local, state and national legislators about issues facing the hungry.
Donate a grocery store gift card to your local food pantry so they can provide more for those they serve.
Find out how the newly passed Farm Bill legislation will help millions of hungry Americans.
Participate in Dorothy Lane Market’s Good Neighbor program. The Foodbank’s designated number is 735.
Educate your school, work or faith group about hunger and poverty through The Foodbank’s Hunger 101 program.
Plan a vegetable garden with your family and donate extra veggies to The Foodbank.
Bring your children to help out at programs that serve hungry families.
Collect your loose change daily, at the end of the month, donate it to The Foodbank.
Stay current on all the ways you can continue to help throughout the year. Sign up on The Foodbank’s website to receive the latest hunger-related information delivered directly to your inbox.
Contact The Foodbank about planned giving.
Use GoodSearch.com as your search engine and select The Foodbank as your charity of choice.
Shop for your weekly groceries using only half the dollar amount you would normally spend, then donate the other half to a charity that helps people in need.
Send The Foodbank’s website link to everyone in your address book.
Contact The Foodbank for a speaker at your next meeting.