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About Us

The mission of The Foodbank is to eliminate hunger and its root causes. Food and related supplies are distributed to a network of pantries, community kitchens, shelters and other charitable programs, all of which support the health and development of food-insecure individuals in Montgomery, Greene, and Preble Counties.

We are part of Feeding America’s Network of 206 food banks across the United States and 1 of 12 in the Ohio Association of Foodbanks. Our work goes beyond the hunger and food scape, as we have commitments to disaster relief, re-entry/recidivism, workforce development, community development, and equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts.

Hunger in Dayton

The Foodbank works with a network of more than 110 nonprofit partner agencies, representing 124 programs, across Montgomery, Greene, and Preble counties to ensure that all residents have the food they need to live active, healthy lives. 

In addition to our partners’ work, we operate eight service gap programs across the tri-county region to reach the nearly 88,500 residents who struggle with food insecurity.

To read more about hunger in your area, visit Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap or the Food Research & Action Center.

Disaster Relief Efforts

The Foodbank’s disaster relief efforts started when we were founded in 1976 as The Emergency Resource Bank, providing comprehensive relief services to those in need as a subsidiary of the American Red Cross. We kept disaster relief in our foundation when we became our own 501(c)3 in 2003 in order to better serve our community.

Since then, we have assisted with emergency food and water efforts in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina in the aftermath of hurricanes. The Memorial Day Tornadoes of 2019 were the first time we responded to a local disaster, distributing over one-million bottles of water and  providing food to the thousands of Miami Valley residents who experienced extreme tragedy like we had never seen before.

The hunger relief network as a whole continues to be challenged daily during the COVID-19 pandemic. From food supply shortages, capacity changes and concerns, long lines, and overall uncertainty, we have spent this time working to do everything possible to ensure the safety and well-being of our team, partner agencies, and neighbors.


We will honor the public’s trust by maintaining the highest standards of ethics and stewardship.


We will ensure all stakeholders equitable access to The Foodbank and its resources.


We will be the voice in the community about hunger and speak out for those who do not have a voice. We will maintain and communicate information to others about hunger.


We will ensure that quality and nutritious food and related supplies are available throughout our service area.


We will actively seek to form and broaden collaborations committed to furthering our mission to relieve hunger.


We will serve others in a courteous, sensitive and compassionate manner.We will listen to the neighbors we serve, so that we may better respond to the community’s needs.

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