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Organize a Fund Drive

Host a Fund Drive!
$1 Provides 4 Meals

Organize a Food Drive

Host a Food Drive!
Collect Most-Needed Food Items

Organize a Fund Drive

Gather your friends, co-workers, civic group, church or school and pool your funds to help The Foodbank. For every dollar donated to The Foodbank, we can provide food for four meals.

Fight hunger with a click from your computer.

No trips to the store to stock up on non-perishables. No lifting, carting, bagging, rebagging, transporting to collection location — you get the picture! You donate from your computer. It’s convenient, easy and secure.

Use our purchasing power to maximize your contribution.

Donations are pooled so we can purchase at the lowest possible price. Your donation helps put greater variety, more nutritional balance and larger quantities of products in the hands of those who need it most. In fact, for every dollar you donate, The Foodbank can provide food for four meals to the community.

Did You Know?

Your donation can honor a loved one’s birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. Just let us know.

A donation to The Foodbank is a beautiful way to memorialize a friend or loved one. We’ll pass your condolences on to the family.

Hunger decreases development in children, hinders student performance and behavior, decreases attendance, and increases health problems.

16.60% or 27,120 children in our service area are food insecure.

The Foodbank distributed over 16 million pounds of food last year-that’s more than 37,000 meals served every day right here in Montgomery, Greene, and Preble counties.

Meals Served Every Day

Plenty of people working full time are still not able to earn enough to keep hunger out of their homes… the average Ohioan working a minimum wage job earns just $15,080.

In our tri-county service area, nearly 89,000 people live with intermittent hunger27,120 of these are children.

An empty lunch box sits open with a few flies coming out of it. Above the lunch box reads: 27,120 Hungry Children in Ohio
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Meals to Kids

The Foodbank serves more than 843,000 people annually and provides more than 93,000 meals to kids through its Kids Café®.

Organize a Canned Food Drive

Thank you for your interest in helping The Foodbank and our neighbors.

Last year, 16 million pounds of food was distributed to hungry people in Montgomery, Greene, and Preble counties. That provided more than 37,000 meals each day! Thank you for helping us to help people in need.

We want to do a food drive!

Before you start please contact The Foodbank to discuss the dates and times of your food drive.

If you have filled out a canned food drive form online and have not yet been contacted, call The Foodbank at (937) 461-0265 ext 14 or send us an email.

You may want to consider the following:

Please note:

The Foodbank observes all Federal Holidays. If you have any questions call Jamie Robinson (937) 461-0265 ext. 14.

Publicize Your Food Drive

The success of your drive will depend on how well you get the word out.

Here are some tips to make it easier

Make sure to include the following information in your publicity materials:

  • Theme of the food drive
  • Dates of the food drive
  • Location of collection sites
  • The phrase “All non-perishable foods accepted”
  • Name, logo and brief description of The Foodbank. Contact The Foodbank if you need any print (brochures) or logo materials.

Develop a fun slogan and theme for your food drive.
Here are a few examples:

  • Allow casual dress for those donating food
  • Hold a carry-in lunch where admission is cans of food
  • Provide each employee with an empty bag to fill and return
  • Hold an intra- or inter-company competition with prizes for most food collected
  • Hold a raffle. Tickets are acquired with food or cash donations
  • Ask your company to match donated food (i.e., for each 100 lbs. collected, the company will donate $100)

Design marketing materials including: flyers, posters, banners for lunch/break rooms, articles for your newsletter, interoffice email, paycheck inserts, and news releases. At the end of the drive, it is always important to let everyone know how much food was collected and thank them for their participation. Consider taking a group trip to tour The Foodbank, or bring a group to deliver your donations and have your photo taken by our team!

Type of Food Needed

All non-perishable foods can be utilized.

Tour The Foodbank
Call and arrange a tour of The Foodbank. Find out more about hunger and how The Foodbank is providing a solution to end hunger.
Develop a Collection System
Sturdy boxes or bins work well. Place in well-traveled areas, entrances, exits and break rooms. Consider decorating the boxes to capture the interest of the passerby. Include all collection areas in your publicity information. The Foodbank has labeled barrels you can use, too! Please complete the food drive donation form to schedule your barrel drop off.
Organize Cash Donations
Accepting cash donations is a way for everyone to be involved in your event. Appoint a specific individual to handle the collection of funds. When turning funds in to The Foodbank, please identify those donations which require receipts or acknowledgement.
Publicize Results
Publicize results of the drive as it progresses. For example, “The Human Resources Department seems to be leading the way. They’ve filled five boxes and have 100% participation.” Share your success on social media and tag us! @thefoodbankinc
Getting Your Donation to The Foodbank
At the end of the drive your collection of food may be dropped off at The Foodbank, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. through 12:00 am and 1:00 p.m. through 3:30 p.m. Please call to let us know when you are coming.

At least 48 business hours’ notice is needed to schedule pick-ups and drop-offs of food drive barrels. Please complete the food drive form to have your collection barrels picked up.

The Foodbank is most in need of:

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