Disaster Relief

Natural and unnatural disasters affect our friends and family across the nation and even here at home. When disasters hit, our community is great at rallying together for the common good.

We partner with local and national organizations in times of need in response to provide a way for the Miami Valley to make a difference.

Current Disaster Relief Responses

Miami Valley Tornado Response – May 2019

On May 27, 2019, tornados ran through many parts of the Miami Valley, affecting thousands of people through tornado damage, flood damage, and power outages.

Our thoughts go out to all those impacted by the tornados, many of them displaced and in emergency shelters.

We are working closely with first responders, Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency, Dayton Area Red Cross, and Wright Patt Credit Union to help minimize the effects of the tornados and address the needs that have been created.

How to Help:

  1. Prestige Dining Club is donating a portion of all membership sales to The Foodbank to assist in disaster relief work. You can purchase a membership here:  https://prestigediningclub.com/ and use code PDCDFB to ensure that a portion of your membership will be donated to The Foodbank.
  2. Donate canned goods or personal hygiene products at The Foodbank, 56 Armor Pl, Dayton, OH 45417 between 9 am and 2 pm, Monday through Wednesday. If you need to schedule a different time, call (937)461-0265 x21.
  3. Donate online by following this link.

Past Disaster Relief Responses

Hurricane Michael Response – October 2018

The Foodbank, in partnership with Wright Patt Credit Union, Sinclair Community College, and Ohio Medical Transport, collected donations for relief from Hurricane Michael.

Rush Transportation delivered a semi-truck load to a food bank located on the Florida-Georgia line to help provide water to those affected by the hurricane.

Hurricane Florence Response – September 2018

The Foodbank, in partnership with Wright Patt Credit Union, Sinclair Community College, Ohio Medical Transportation, and Rush Transport, collected donations for relief from Hurricane Florence on the East Coast.

From Monday, September 17th through Friday, September 21st, donations were collected to support those affected by this hurricane and other disasters. Two semi-truck loads of water were delivered to food banks on the East Coast.

Rush Transportation donated their time through the delivery of donations to food banks in the affected areas.