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Food Script Box

In 2018, The Foodbank, in partnership with Dayton Children’s Hospital, created a Food Script Program that allows physicians and staff to write food prescriptions for hospital patient families who have been identified as food insecure. Screenings are conducted by hospital community health workers, social workers, nurses, and staff. Patient families who are identified as food insecure are referred to the hospital’s Food Pharmacy where they receive a box of family-friendly meals that include a combination of shelf-stable and fresh produce food items.

In collaboration with our healthcare partners and their staff of registered dietitians, the Food Script boxes, also referred to as “Rx boxes,” are assembled with prescribed nutritious food products. Last year, The Food Script Program distributed more than 800 Rx Boxes to individuals experiencing food insecurity. These patient family members are not otherwise being served due to an unawareness of available food assistance or an inability to access known resources due to transportation or other barriers.

The Foodbank, along with our healthcare collaborators, work towards the common goal of strengthening the community’s safety net by providing food assistance for families in a manner than minimizes stress and eliminates having to make multiple trips to receive immediate food relief.

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