Spread the word to your friends. Hunger is a devastating situation that affects every community. The good news is that in America’s land of plenty, hunger can be stopped. We need you to tell others about the many ways we can work together to help The Foodbank help the hungry.

Increasing awareness of hunger in America is crucial to ending hunger – or at least significantly alleviating hunger. When we increase awareness of the hunger issue among friends, family and colleagues, among businesses and churches, and among government officials and local leaders, we not only let others know a problem exists, but also encourage others to get involved and dispel some of the myths about hunger. We can get people talking about hunger in America, rather than setting the topic aside or concluding that hunger does not or cannot possibly exist in the richest nation in the world.

Many of the legislative initiatives of recent years are a direct result of advocacy. Ending hunger requires a national commitment, statewide leadership and extraordinary public/private partnerships; the charitable sector alone cannot possibly solve hunger relief. Many of the policy decisions regarding hunger exceed the grasp and resources of voluntary agencies and can only be made in the context of public authority.

With nearly 49 million Americans hungry or at risk of hunger each year, it is imperative for you to voice your support for combating hunger in America to your elected officials. Our elected officials look to you for guidance on what is important in our community. Your individual support can make a difference.

If you’d like to learn more and take action, email Emily Gallion.